VPR Cast#108: “Celiah Ailey”

Welcome to our 108th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Tonight we are being graced by the terror of Yssam, a man of early darkfall renown – Celiah Ailey!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this epic mmo podcast:
 over 5 hours of Ailey elocution.
 Gaming: Celiah Ailey.
 Darkfall: Beta and beyond.
pre-cast post on Darkfall Forums
Barbarian’s Guild site – join now!
Barbarian’s tournament ladder
Barbarian’s guild ranks
link brought up when discussing limbo as a zerg multiplier – pt 1
link brought up when discussing limbo as a zerg multiplier – pt 2
Sunstone raid – pt 1
Sunstone raid – pt 2
The UPDATED Forumfall page
King Gans says farewell to Darkfall – FUNNY SHIT!
Snail Party

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars (DFO 2.0): mmo fps, open pvp, full loot, conquest, classes.
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chivalry): FPS – Sword and board, hack and slash arena.

17 thoughts on “VPR Cast#108: “Celiah Ailey””


    Not only do you put out hours of content each show, youv’e been cranking out a lot of great shows lately. I love the player interviews.

    You’re a podcast machine-beast.

  2. The whole barbairan clan stuff was hard to follow.

    Runescape was my first MMO too. It’s a good casual sandbox with some story-based solo adventures (their quests were actually a quest, a story line programmed into NPCs that you had to figure out what to do/where to go/who to talk to and have a real adventure and not fedex kill 10 rats). Runescape was originally a MUD so that’s what their quests evolved from. I have a character that’s worth hundreds of dollars in runescape.

    I’ve had the mount lag. I played DF1 for the longest time on a 7 year old PC and I’d FPS lag so hard, 5-15fps, and when I’d stutter my character wouldn’t move or something and I’d always fall behind from my party, or the enemy would always catch up with me.

    Its really late and im strung out I’ll have to finish the cast later

  3. @professer: Thanks for checking in! If I think to follow the “barbarian stuff” you’d have to listen and look at the barbarian links I posted. He has a whole system.

    RE the stream, just follow my channel at twitch.tv/mmosmacktalk. You will receive an email when we go live. I’ll also try to tweet about it. FYI, have a live stream happening this Sunday at 1930 PST.

  4. It was funny when Celiah Ailey got frustrated that you didn’t fully follow his barbarian stuff.

    “Gah! What’s wrong with people, I tell them and they not listen to what I say!”

    Nothing against the guy, but the way he presented it all was generally hard to follow and then there’s the factor that English isn’t his native tongue (again, nothing against his english skills). It was amusing to see him get frustrated, I used to do the exact same thing when trying to tell people deep/complex things and they didn’t follow.

  5. Great cast!

    Its the games fault that you need scripts

    All in the same script
    1 choose weapon
    2 choose whirlwind
    3 click

    So with 1 click/key = whirlwind

    Someone who doesnt use scripts (a new player to DF)
    A Press 1 key to chose weapon
    B press 1 key to choose whirlwind
    C click
    All under pressure, and the rist of clicking wrong button.

    The solution is
    AV make an UI that is not hard to use.

  6. This guy’s got darkfall passion. His voice can be hard for me to listen to and stuff, but I like hearing his passion. Going 15+ hours a day is tough. I used to do 6-10+ daily but years of doing that lead me to have constant back pain.

    And the darkfall being the ‘heroin of MMO’ coment. It Totally is! All those crazy feelings you get from darkfall pvp and stuff, and anything you feel for that matter, are all indigenous endorphins your body releases. It’s all chemical in your brain. No game gets your endoprhins, adrenaline for example, flowing like darkfall. And on that topic, WoW has become such a shameful dopamine treadmill… you don’t even have to really play it anymore. WoW players are fucking low, shameful, weak MMO junkies.

  7. His new barbarian clan sounds really fucking terrible. It almost seems like he is purposely trying to make the game less fun for his members and cause more in fighting. The pvp guys will loathe the pve guys and the both will hate the market guys. All backed up by lame e-honor bullshit that has no place in a game like Darkfall. Once the cast finally got off the barbarian talk and into Unholy Wars and his past exploits it became much more interesting. Thanks for filling up my turkey day holiday drive from Dallas to Houston lol.

  8. @ray ray: Thanks! I agree, if they can trim some of the features that most players surmount via scripts, then they def ought to revamp the gui/mechanics of given “feature”. :)

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