VPR Cast#107: “Keno and Rhade”

Welcome to our 107th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Tonight we are joined by Keno and Rhade, 2 dudes who have been around since the inception of EU and are recognizable names in the darkfall community. Listen now as they bust your ears wide open with insights of old!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this pre-historic mmo podcast:
 over 3 hours of dude sounds.
 Gaming: history of Keno & Rhade – lite.
 Darkfall: Beta and beyond.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars (DFO 2.0): mmo fps, open pvp, full loot, conquest, classes.
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chivalry): FPS – Sword and board, hack and slash arena.

12 thoughts on “VPR Cast#107: “Keno and Rhade””

  1. @professer: the best way to know when we stream is to make an account at twitch.tv, and follow my channel: http://www.twitch.tv/mmosmacktalk

    Otherwise, I try to post a pre-podcast thread in the dfo forums, as well as try to mention it on twitter… not been perfect on the twitter end.

  2. I’m really happy that you’re getting so many great guests on your cast recently, Ryan. 😀
    It’s really interesting hearing about their views on the game and what-not.

    If that pre-UW hype cast happens it’d make my day! ;D

  3. @Widunder: Thanks! Looks like that pre-UW cast wont be happening now that release is set for a Wed in Dec (12/12/12). On the upside, this makes it less hectic for me trying to schedule casts to hook up with players and hear their stories and listen to their excitement about UW.

    Thanks, also, for the twitch.tv follow!

  4. Karlek was the man, he gave me a shit load of gold. But me and him used to be really good mates there for a long time also, I would borrow his character for sieges as well from time to time, and I can say that me and him used to go farm the shit out of dragons day in and day out. We would dagger them down and do a rotation of about 7-8 of them. Killed hundreds upon hundreds, but yes he was the one who provided me with a taste of radar hacks till I get some inside knowledge to stop using them. Which turns out to be true since a few weeks later a bunch of people got banned for them. But he did not personally do any duping.

  5. Too add, the radar hacks did not give us much advantage. Because when you would feel load lag would be the same time our radar would tell us someone was near. They were useless for figuring out what direction the hostile was coming from, the only thing they offered us was who we just loaded into grid, and what clan they were from. Apart from that they were useless because loadlag was radar hacks enough.

  6. @spool: didnt he engage in some sort of packet hacking on the chests… i heard, and i think its in a cast way back, that he was able to use the same key repeatedly via some sort of packet manipulation.

  7. I am not aware of pack manipulation, but we did used to take in like 50 keys at once. Because we would find about 6-7 or so a day so they piled up fast. We did used to do this thing where we would glitch into a rock on the surface above the centre dungeon and sky dive down to it. We had the location of where we needed to fall to bookmarked so when w dropped we would head NE for about 2-3 minutes and end up landing inside the Thayril room with, we’d turn em all in and jump off the world again and relog and be sent back to out bind-stones. They wernt hacks, just terrain exploits.

  8. @Spool Lyger, lol a long time ago I used to do the same thing, falling into the center dungeon. It was a great way to get in there. As far as that tool you were talking about, it was public. It was made by the same guy that did the chest exploit where he manipulated packets (so they weren’t sent), and then when they got sent he would get like 79 chest opens for 1 key. Karlek introduced me to the guy, he’s an amazing coder. But ya, that’s the guy that hooked up karlek with all the gold.

    The tool had some great features, but unfortunately it also had that radar hack built in (it would tell you the name/clan of people who “loaded” in to your area). Because of that, I never actually used it.

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