VPR Cast#103: “Lord Zanuul”

Welcome to our 103rd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! In this cast, your ears are graced by the fine timbers of our savior, the “Hero of Mercia”, Lord Zanuul.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this heroic mmo podcast:
 2 hours of having your ass saved.
 Gaming: Lord Zanuul’s history.
 Darkfall: Darkfall thoughts and experiences.
 Darkfall/UW: Hopes, dreams, and prognostications.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars (DFO 2.0): mmo fps, open pvp, full loot, conquest, classes.
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare(Chivalry): FPS – Sword and board, hack and slash arena.

16 thoughts on “VPR Cast#103: “Lord Zanuul””

  1. Excellent cast!
    Thanks guys

    Also, 100 % spot on about investors = release dates regardless of ready or not. At least often the case.

    Still you could look at the release as an open (paid) beta as well, its ok not to have 10.000 players put pressure on the starting ziones, to ease in players over time by commercials etc.

    Good cast, enjoyed it a lot.
    For a few moments i really, really wanted to play DF1 agian, but ill wait for DF2 :)

  2. @Yak: will have to get back to you. Trying to nail as many dfo casts as possible before dfo2. But I also have 3 tentatively scheduled atm. Thanks for staying on track! Will be in touch!

  3. @ray ray: I think the more important question is, do you believe that a person who refuses to care for their self deserves to live?

    Without the room for Darwinism to take its course, the whole human race devolves. If we keep propping up people who can’t survive, eventually most of us will be completely worthless.

  4. Nice warm up cast for Unholy Wars! I love how you are finding such vastly different personalities in DFO to interview too.

    +1000 internet points for taking a leak before the cast started!

  5. @ray ray: Watched the vid – thanks! Not sure if you’re very familiar with objectivist philosophy, but from the vid you can tell that the host was not. He kept trying to tag her with the idea that she is in love with all “these” tycoons and what not. haha! Made me laugh. He clearly had no idea what she was all about. Ultimately, though, it’s far too difficult to discuss her ideas in this format (blog comments), as there is far too much information to cover and preconceptions to counter. Plus, I’m hardly an Ayn Rand adept. It just turns out that after having read some of her literature, that I find myself more in alignment with her ideas than many other mainstream philosophies.

    Thanks for the link!

    @Yak: you’ze looking for trouble :)

    @Nateryl: so I win then, right?!

  6. @Miguelito
    It always amuses me that the ones advocating for “the weak” do die, are always on the side that is not “the weak”.
    Still, to answer your cuestion:
    From your pure clinical logical way of seeing it its pure logic to give everyone a chance. As so many have so much talent, but dont have the infrastructure to evolve that talent. (Food, Roof, Securety, Education, Medical coverage, Hope)

    I find her philosophy simple. It cant be told in two parts:
    A ” I have my stuff, you get your stuff, and let everyone do whatever they whant with their stuff.”
    B “Only the strong of mind are worthy”

    Ryan you have children. Imagine if everyone would care about everyone with half the love they have for their own children. Love is to give without wanting anything back in return. (giving is not limited to items, its time, patience, energy etc) This world would then be without conflict.
    As we have all the tech and knowledge to make it a fair and good world for all people (and nature )

  7. @ray ray: I think you’re missing a key component of her philosophy – “No man should force another man into another’s obligation”… but then combine with “if it makes you feel good to give people stuff, then give all the stuff you want.” <– both statements adhere to objectivism. So take into account my life, and my children: I teach them to serve yourself (take care of yourself) and protect the weak (which, btw, you cant take care of the weak if you cant take care of yourself). Ultimately though, if they choose to care only for themselves, then who am I to make them feel bad for their choice? As far as we know, this is your one life on earth, so it's yours (this is true for those who believe in an afterlife, reincarnation [if you reincarnate, you still dont recall your previous life], and atheists). With that in mind, you will feel better helping out other people, it's just you shouldnt feel morally obligated to do so, UNLESS those are your personal moral edicts and not others.

    Have you read any of her books? You and I ought to have a small cast on this topic. :)

  8. Socialist governments have worked very hard to ensure people that they’re on the side of human interests, but all they do is create a servant class dependent on the government for everything.

    In a “fair” society, people would be allowed to succeed or fail by their own merits, and not be restricted to perpetual serfdom by welfare programs. Research on government subsidies and history indicate that the progressive solutions make everyone poorer.

    The perfect thing about the libertarian ideology, as Ryan implied, is that bleeding hearts are still able to contribute whatever they want to the sick or the poor without big brother getting in the way.

  9. Excellent posts guys, thanks.

    How do you guys put this into your equation? :”Empathy is something we humans teach our children, else they wont have it”

    History indicates that thechnology evolves and fewer need to work to provide all we need. (once 97% needed to be farmers to feed everyone, now we need 3% farmers)
    Also in countries right now, where you dont have the infrastructure to succeed unless you have parents who can afford to provide the infrastructure, you wont succeed.

    Ryan, Ill dodge your cast, Im shy like that :)
    But, I knew of that partof her philosophy, “and let everyone do whatever they whant with their stuff.” covers that dont you think?
    A large portion of our moral edict we inherit from our parents. And as parents often love their children. The concept of love is handed down to the next generation by default. Isnt it beautiful? :)

  10. @ray ray: Empathy is a product of human adaptation. Most animals help their own kind to a degree, and more healthy brains relate to, and want to help other people. A government provided solution causes people to assume that others are already cared for, making it not their problem.

    I think you’re under-estimating nature on this one.

  11. @ray ray: it is a beautiful thing! Don’t know how to answer the Empath question. What are you quoting? If that’s an Ayn Rand quote, then either there is some context to it that is not present in the one line you provided :) , OR I just disagree. I dont think empathy has to be taught, it seems to happen most often when one has shares a similar, but separate, experience as another.

    All I can really say, is that I treat people pretty well, and would prefer to love than hate… yet, I find that the objectivist philosophy works very well for me. That’s why I mentioned at the outset, it’s easier to discuss this topic IRL, than via text, because a lot is lost in the letters. Ultimately, though, I dont care to convert anybody… I just know it works for me. If you want to skype on it sometime, (not record :) ), I’d be happy to indulge you.

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