VPR Cast#102: “Itwas Luck”

Welcome to our 102nd mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This evening we are joined by the god of war himself; look in the dictionary under sticky back, and you will see his pic! Here to make us better men, and Destroyers, welcome Itwas Luck!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this ear melting mmo podcast:
 3.2 hours of truth or troll – figure it out!
 Darkfall: Unholy Wars.
 Darkfall: Unholy Wars – link from Emo LoL
 Darkfall 1.0 – Basics on being a Destroyer.
 Did he cheat or is he just bad ass? We review 4 pieces of evidence and 9 min vid

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.
  • Darkfall: Unholy Wars (DFO 2.0): mmo fps, open pvp, full loot, conquest, classes.

63 thoughts on “VPR Cast#102: “Itwas Luck””

  1. Ryan, I have heard most of your casts. This one is the best one.

    Not because of the excellent content and all the good promotion for DF2. Thanks Itwas Luck. Excellent info and very good promotion info for DF2 bro =)

    What really impressed me is all your good questions and “on the fly interview”. You found a goldmine of information and a good person to talk to, and you did it exceptionally well.

    Thanks to both of you.

    I trust that he is in the beta 100% by the way. The info adds up and the names are correct.

  2. Blatant troll; not even amusing (just annoying). The history was interesting other than the interviewer being thoroughly inattentive when he described it. “So then DHW and They merged to create TSL” ===> “So then they separated to covenant of the phoenix?”…. argh!

  3. The funny thing is, if he was or was not trolling, the ‘in house’ beta test the devs are currently running is still under NDA. So even if this was not a troll, their reaction to tell us to ignore it would not change, they would still deny it if it was actually true.

    But this is still obviously a troll.

  4. I called Luck’s mom and asked her to peek on his computer to see if a beta client was installed. You’ll have to tune in to episode 103 for the shocking results!

  5. Listening to the troll cast now. I was confused by the comments saying you have a lisp but after listening it is definitely something with the audio quality. You do not have a lisp but something with the quality is giving you one in this cast.

  6. God damn another 3+ hour podcast. After what Battle Smurf said about Itwas Luck and I believe him to be honest. I will have to see if I want to give up three hours of my life. For those of you who have been paying attention to the comments between me and Ryan, I do address my feelings about DFO, Macros, etc in my current podcast. Until me and Ryan and do a cast, I had to get the poison out.


  7. I am having massive difficulty believing in anything he has said about being in the beta. However, for a fact, he is a hacker. It really is not difficult to see this.

  8. I am having massive difficulty believing hes actually in the beta. However, it is quite clear he is hacking and it is actually not difficult to tell at all. That anyone would question that is confusing to me with how easily it is to tell.

  9. @Evades: I think it might be a logical conclusion to arrive at (re hacking), but I had to extend the benefit of the doubt and ask. As I mentioned in the cast, when my brother and I played CS (way back in the day), he’d be accused of hacking, yet he wasnt. He was just good.

    RE whether luck was in beta or not – suffice it to say that if he was lying about his beta access, then everything else he said should be ignored and discarded.

  10. @ryan: With that situation involving your brother in mind, your point is very understandable. I aswell have seen other players be called hackers in various games but could tell they were simply very skilled. I am without a doubt 100% convinced that is not the case here. But i do understand that in your situation you needed to give the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully we can get some guaranteed facts about DF unholy wars because we are all dying to hear anything we can.

  11. @ryan: heh soon as we can get in i am taking my guild and we are going to just do every single thing that game has to offer. Probably be in it for years. It is killing me to have to wait and im sure several others. Just hoping it will have great advertisement as everyone i mention it to still has never heard of it. Im trying my best to spread the word about it but we will just have to see. I do know it will be amazing 😉

  12. @Evades: Which guild? Yeah, I’m looking forward to it a too. I think/am hoping it will likely appeal to a larger player base, if for nothing else, due to the ROLE system. Even young Miguelito (IHM) was looking for guidance in terms of a class system when he played recently (yes, just called IHM on the mat).

  13. @ryan: Epic is our guild name. 17 year old guild :). And yea the role system i amd def looking forward to. Im very sad they arent bringing the idea of prestige classes back. The had soooo many options for classes to focus on if you didnt want hybrid. But i will be rolling skirmisher and my goal is always to try to be the top 1v1 pvper and the role system setup sounds perfect for making it fun for me. The wobble ( if it exists ) might be an issue since i love doing 360 shots while kiting. Also hoping they will have dualwield swords. I can dream.

  14. @Evades: Dream on, brother! That’s the stuff that games are made of.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the “get all spells approach” to dfo1, but am open to some changes considering that I am a huge fan of their engine.

  15. @ryan: Im quite new to your podcast btw but i have to mention that you were quite entertaining and how you went about asking questions is what drew me into staying and listening. I must ask though, are you going to be seriously playing it or are you just going in it to get knowledge about the game so you can discuss with people about it? And do you have a guild?

  16. @Evades: Thanks!

    RE I plan to play as much as I’m able to, given work, family obligations, etc. At least initially, for release, I will increase my casual playtime.

    RE guild, that depends if Coolit and his Orcs are going to mobilize for UW. Or perhaps there will be a handful of us looking to take on a tag, or sub in an alliance. Unsure at the moment. Do you have a guild site?

  17. Well i ask because we are looking to be in alliance and whether we start one or join one doesnt matter but we definitely are interested. And if you would be interested at all, perhaps we can form one at some point. Yes we do have a site however recently a good friend of mine at the time and second in command and his friends betrayed me destroying the site. Have been working on a new one. Hopefully itle be complete soon.

  18. @ryan: I would definitely love to :)

    If you would like an alliance or have room for another guild for one your already joining just let me know. aswell as what character name do you go by?

  19. @Evades: Absolutely! I go by padre or padrex. Last name for UW is undetermined… guess I ought to think about that.

    Is the email you posted with your comment accurate? If so, I’ll reply to you there.

  20. @ryan: yes it is, it is my gaming and recruitment email. Your more than welcome to toss me msgs there anytime. I look forward to seeing you in game.

  21. Sorry he wasted your time Ryan

    TBH I had forgotten how much of a douche Luck can be. Its going to be even worse with Jonah comming back. Forums are going to be filled with shit talk and drama starting on day 1 of UHW. I really hope other guilds can get it together to fight against TSL because I really don’t want to have to listen to thier shit again.

    Unfortunately from what I can tell so far it looks like TSL are going to zerg recruit get carried by a few good players and steam roll while trolling and shit talking. The rest of the clans stated to be returning have alot less power pound for pound.

    Id say TSL remake followed by zealous and UDL are the clans to dominate medium to large scale. Im concerned hopefully we will see new guilds that are primairily good players form .

  22. @battle smurf: In your analysis about which clan will dominate, are you considering the new combat dynamics created by “roles”, as well as the reduced grind, no bunny hopping, etc? In darkfall 1.0, these are a force multipliers, which will not exist in UW.

  23. I think we will have a lot of members but really will be looking for a good leader. I know Czar and his crew will be playing and they are good players. We are open to find people to group/ally with.

  24. If AV had something playable I’m sure we would have seen the half assed payed beta build by now.

    For Christ sakes Tasos video looks so rush he didn’t even have time to buy a new shirt that fits him.

    Rule number one when your talking to children on the internet, #1 FRAPS or it didn’t happen.

    Also stop making your casts so fucking long, Interview Keno or something about his Darkfall suggestion page that AV claimed they planed to copy word for word

    Link Bitches http://www.darkfallce.webs.com/

  25. @Quin Tessence: long casts just happen. I’d be fine with a 30 min one, but I’m not going to cut shit short for some artificial time cap. Thanks for the Keno link! Will approach him for a cast. Is his forum name “Keno” or “Keno Layer”?

    @Yak: some kid is looking to get his ass beat.

  26. @Ryan: Good thing he didn’t say anything that even remotely resembles the title of Darkfall’s sequel. He must be talking about the seasonal horror movie, “Dark Fall”.

  27. @ryan I think Keno’s in-game name was Keno Lair, but iv been seeing him post on the forums under just “Keno” lately, not sure if that’s him or not, but seems to be. Will be nice to hear my old clan leader again xD VG I think it was?

  28. @Spool: Yeah, I dont know. If I remember, I’ll ask Zaffax so that I can get whoever the author may be on the show.

    On a related note, looks like our ears may be graced by his royal highness – king manus. Looking forward to that one myself.

  29. @IHM: You and Yak ought to take it to a dark alley in tejas… one of you will fall – which will truly be darkfall.

    @Spool: Thanks for the name correction!

  30. Hey Ryan, I just finished talking to one of the AV lead devs (on Facebook of all places, dunno why, but that’s where he wanted to real-time chat).

    Anyways, check your email. I didn’t want to post anything specific, will leave that in your hands.

  31. Love your casts bro! Keep em coming. However, I have to add, 2 hour troll cast, and almost as annoying as Smurf. But still, keep up the awesome work.

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