VPR Cast#101: “Lord Spades”

Welcome to our 101st mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This cast is joined by the the man some believe to be the sharpest tool in the Darkfall toolshed. He’s the man whose vent everybody wants to join, and the leader of Covert Operations Force. Welcome the Squire who’s on Fire – Spades911!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this ear melting mmo podcast:
 2:43:04 of Lord Spades delivering the truth!
 Age and favorite mmo.
 Darkfall Online: Review the latest 4 dfo2 questions answered by the devs.
 Darkfall Online: Battle tactics, and notable battle commanders.
 Darkfall Online: Some past politics and reminiscing.
 Darkfall Online: Misc Darkfall discussions.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.

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  1. Has anyone played War of The Roses beta? Can anyone confirm of the play control and combat in DFO is as solid as War of The Roses beta?

  2. @Ryan: Yes, I am in the beta and have played it a few times. It’s not an MMO just pure PVP. Their is death match and capture the control points. The control though still take quite a bit to get use to.

  3. Combat in Darkfall is similar to Mount and Blade combat but not quite, Yak. It actually feels more like Skyrim then that. No game simulates that era of combat better then a mount and blade game though. So easy to do, has lots of intricacies that make it great, and damn it feels good to play.

    Cast was awesome, Ryan. This guy was so much more interesting to listen too then the past few. Get more interviews like this instead of the typical full of himself douchebag that only talks about how leet they are. I really liked hearing about the battle commander level of siege combat and some of how politics work in Darkfall. Make sure you grab Spades again down the road as 2.0 approaches!

  4. @Nateryl The reason I ask is because I expected the combat in War of The Roses to be solid like an FPS. It’s very clunky and difficult to get use to. I have heard that WOTR combat is similar to Mount and Blade. Let’s hope DFO 2 has a solid combat system.

  5. @Yak: that looks fun. still think you ought to drop $10 and give darkfall a solid month.

    @Nateryl: Thanks! I have 2 dudes in the hopper that have agreed to cast. Just need to hit them up on the forums now and see who is more readily available.

  6. Isnt war of the roses made by the same people? I havent played it but if it is that is the “definitive” fantasy and mounted combat system. You really cant create a more intuitive control scheme for mouse and keyboard controls then a mount and blade game.

  7. Dropping 60 bucks and a few months sub fees into a themepark game that no one plays one year later is so much more different then 10 bucks into DFO for one month.

  8. @Nateryl: I found the play control to be clunky and horrible for melee in WOTR. Using a bow or cross bow was not solid like a shooter. I am not comparing any other game to DFO. I don’t know where you pulled that out of your ass. Weather it’s $10 or F2P. It’s a waste of my valuable time to play a dying game. Why would I want to waste all that time and energy learning a new game that soon will be replaced or go under. There is no logic in that. I’d rather wait for a good sandbox or FPS MMO to come along. In the mean time I’m happy with FPS’s and jump in and out games.

  9. One last thing. Another reason not to play DFO is the community. After hearing Lord Smurf, he even said the community is horrible. It seems like it’s mad up of a bunch of boys trying to be men, who get butt hurt so easily. On top of that people seem to have issues and become babies when they don’t win or things don’t go there way. It really sickened me now that I am at the end of Lord Smurf’s cast. I want to play a game to have fun and not get all stressed out and shit!

  10. @Ryan: I finally got caught up on your shows. I am downloading this one now. I will listen to it on the way to work. Your shows are too god damn long. LOL. I like to keep mine to 1-2 hours. Just some feedback, try to keep yours to 2 to 2.5 hours. :)

  11. You said this “Has anyone played War of The Roses beta? Can anyone confirm of the play control and combat in DFO is as solid as War of The Roses beta?” So you were trying to find out how to compare the combat to DFO. All I was attempting to do was help in that comparison. DIdnt realize I was pulling anything out of my ass. We are not all out to fucking troll you dude. I havent played War of the Roses beta….but the melee combat and mounted combat in other mount and blade games is stellar. You could be absolutely right that they dont get a system as good with ranged stuff. As far as how it all relates to DFO, those games are only similar to mount and blade. Hell mortal is probably closer to mount and blade then DFO. But DFO does have some crazy cool archery. Not perfect but great physics for the shot trajectory and it is alot of fun to experience in a fantasy mmo.

    DFO is not dying however. The community is in limbo waiting for 2.0 and the inevitable wipe from it. So I can completely sympathesize with not wanting to play it now until 2.0 is out. But your time would not be wasted if you discovered that you liked the combat, the game world, and what they can accomplish with the engine in 2.0. And 10 bucks is dirt cheap to discover that now, plus if you have fun then the time is never wasted.

    You are also spending far too much effort on analysis of the community. Those are things you have to see for yourself. My time with the games is VASTLY different from what you hear or what is on the forums. I ran into many players that helped out alot, were very nice, and made my experience enjoyable. I also ran into people that fucked my shit up and ruined my day! Eve Online gets a bad wrap for a terrible community as well but that is actually far from the truth. There is a huge meta outside of game community full of blogs, podcasts, guides, etc and huge in game alliance with massive communities that leave players with a much different perspective then what gaming sites and random internet trolls would have you believe. Just listen to this cast from Ryan where Lord Spades paints a vastly different picture of DFO community then Smurf does.

  12. @Yak: This is what I dont understand… how can anything be “too long”. You can stop the show and return to it whenever you want. ORIGINALLY we used to break everything into 15 minute segments, but that create’s a different problem. Ultimately we elected to produce a single contiguous cast.

  13. @Yak: Right! Had been thinking about this for awhile, and I arrived at the conclusion that since my cast is about just talking to dudes, that listeners can, and ought to, simply tune out when they’ve had enough; I dont want to rob those who want more bs than others, by shortening the cast to meet some artificial cut off time. )

  14. @Ryan: At the one hour mark and loving it. I want to play your version of DFO, with out all the lies and fails that AV did.

  15. @Ryan: I am nearly at the end of your cast. I really enjoyed Lord Spades. He was very well spoken and mature. He also sounded intelligent as well. I was happy to see that he was able to see outside the fanboy box and understand the many short comming of DFO and why it isn’t ready for the main stream. Also, AV is like SOE. They don’t take player feedback because they don’t give a fuck about their players. I am bored of Them Park MMO’s and feel like they have reached their peak. Not sure if I am buying GW2 now. Maybe, in the future there will be a good Sandbox game, maybe not. For know quick jump in and out games like Tribes are giving me my fix.

  16. @Ryan: I saw the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T8FuVGXEMw&feature=youtu.be&a

    All I hear from them and every other MMO company is lip service. I trust Funcom more then AV which is bad. I trust SOE a bit more because of Planet Side 2. I am even holding off on GW2 for now. I am tried of ether the same old MMO. Or an MMO made by an indie company that is broken and who doesn’t listen to their player base. I am enjoying my break from MMO’s in general. So far FPS’s have given me my PVP fix. I predict that you DFO2 you will get a bunch of hackers and macroers that will ruin the game for everyone. The proof will be in the game. Also, I bet they are going to use the old MMO model of spend $60 bucks for the game and then pay us $15 bucks a month to help us fund our game. I refuse to to pay any company a sub, unless they are going to give me $15 of DLC. They really need to sue the F2P and B2P modules. Your game should make people want to spend money, not be the other way around. Only time will tell.

  17. @Ryan: What about a sub? If they are smart they will just have a cash shop for items like bank slots, bags, cosmetics, etc.

  18. @Ryan – Totally. F2P is gamer welfare, and I’m not going to prop up those commie freeloaders. If you want to play a game, pay for it. If you don’t, you should probably get a better job so you can afford the nominal fee required to keep a game fair and balanced.

    That being said, Darkfall UW scares me because AV hasn’t proven that they can release anything without a litany of bugs, and they, to my knowledge, haven’t tested this on any substantial scale.

  19. Also a bit Ed Zitron-ish. People need to understand that Darkfall has an eruomons world w/ virtually no advertising made by a very tiny dev team and the game is still evolving, it takes time to understand why things work the way they do and for things to balance out, besides the fact that it is made for a niche audience to begin with. For example, some people complain about arrows take a long time to craft and that it takes too long to loot a corpse but these are intended. What better time to ambush someone when they are busy looting a body? its intended to leave you vulnerable and it needs to last more than 1 second. Arrows take a long time to craft, providing more opportunity for raiding to be profitable. It used to be much more profitable raiding when magic took a long time to raise untill the players whined about grind and AV killed it :[being able to loot that fast is cheating Ryan, there is a reason why it is disallowed.

  20. @Ryan Why don’t you like F2P? I am not talking about pay to win. I am talking about it being done right. I don’t think you fully understand a good F2P model. If they don’t do something like make it B2P, F2P, or put it on Steam. I don’t see this game surviving too long. AV is going to piss off the current player base and not make it what it should be for new players. If they make it F2P, then people like myself might be willing to give it a chance.

  21. @Yak: I’m not anti-F2P at all. Look at TF2, it’s done very well there. 2 of the options you mentioned, slots and bags, are bs things EQ2 did that I find fucking horrific. If they want to sell r50 swords for IRL money so dudes with little time to play want to jump in and jack people with a solid intermediate weapon, then I’m likely into that. So for starters, cash shops should only be used to buy things you can get in the game, just to get them quicker, as opposed to the idea that you have to pay to open up slots and what not.

  22. Problem is, Darkfall isn’t like any of those F2P games that have an instanced structure to drive down potential bandwidth/server load. The one server approach requires a monthly subscription OR a pay to win model in order to keep it running, and most people who aren’t 12 are willing to shell out money if the product is good, but wouldn’t pay for stupid hats and bag-space on a consistent basis.

  23. @IHM: I think selling mid tier weapons, armor, and resources would be fine. Players already sell THOUSANDS of $$$ worth of items to each other daily. Not suggesting that you’re opposed to all cash shop concepts, but I want to make it clear, that item sales is already happening and prolific.

  24. @Ryan – I’m definitely opposed to that, if for no other reason than if you set that as the primary revenue for the game, and the game starts to lose money, it is conceivable that a logical development team would tweak things like durability to require people to spend more money. F2P is a road to the dark side. Period.

  25. @IHM: I think you’re overly fearful… the F2P model is really in it’s infancy. Unfortunately our brains have been raped by bad schemes and those experiences tend to stick with us. Like I said, F2P has worked excellently with TF2. Since it CAN be effective, the question is can we make it effective in DFO? The one thing I can think of is to consider WHAT ARE PLAYERS COMMONLY BUYING NOW? Gold, resources, equipment. Not saying that I’m “right”, but on its face F2P not inherently wrong. We’ve just seen a surplus of vexing implementations.

    Yak vs IHM cast?

  26. @Ryan The F2P model would be perfect for DFO, why not? They could charge the base price for the game of 30 bucks. Make a cash shop for xp pots, bank slots, character slots, cosmetics, bag slots. The possibilities are endless.

  27. @Ryan – I’m definitely going to have to point back to the fact that TF2 only requires a server to deliver data to what, 12? 20? people simultaneously. That’s extremely cost efficient when compared to a huge open world with no instancing. No game that has that kind of hardware depth requirement has ever done a F2P model, and I’m assuming that’s why. The only way they could be successful is if they had the negotiating power on bandwidth of a amazon or google, but AV is still pretty small potatoes so they’re probably getting raped on server costs.

  28. @Yak: Anything that cant be sold by players, I’m against cash shopping straight up (with the exception of BS cosmetics). Too many bad experiences prove this to be nothing more than pandering and scraping the bottom of the barrel. My love for DFO is such that I would hate to see them resort to this self defacing behavior.

    @IHM: True, but there is a lot that remains to be seen in this space (fuck… I used the buzzword “space”).

  29. @Ryan: You are still avoiding the question though. What’s wrong with selling items that give you a connivance? It’s not like they are selling gear. You are for macro’s that give a player an unfair advantage and enable someone to play the game not the way it was meant to be played. With that said, what’s wrong with connivance items?

  30. @Yak: I did answer this here (you’ll never find me avoiding a question):

    “I’m against cash shopping straight up (with the exception of BS cosmetics). Too many bad experiences prove this to be nothing more than pandering and scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

    This is something that is easier dealt with in a cast, but a quick example – inventory slots. So I SEE there are 10 slots, but I only get 5 unless I pay for them individually. Sorry, I’d rather just pay $15 and get everything that I ought to have in the default version of the game. SOE, as one example, has made this look even worst to me by spamming me with suggestions that I purchase shit that I dont have (an issue of implementation of course, but common and disgusting nonetheless).

    Also, macros with autoit/autohotkey do not give anybody an unfair advantage, as they are free resources available to all. An unfair advantage is when you HACK PACKETS, thereby breaking rules, and fucking rule people.

    If you think macros are cheating/giving an “unfair advantage”, then everybody who uses a g15, mouse with more than 2 buttons, etc., is essentially unfairly leveraging themselves over other people. As I thoroughly noted in a past cast – that argument is thoroughly illogical and can be put down like the stray that it is time and again. I mean, how about we all use the exact same mechanical keyboard, with a roll ball mouse, same mousepad, same ergo desk, chair, same monitor size, refresh rate, etc….!!!!!!!! <– you see?! Since everything matters where do you stop?

    The fact is as long as you aren't illegally altering server commo via client side manipulation (includes packet switching which you can do in any game) then you cant call it cheating… if you do, then the next guy who is worse off will always have a legit complaint (fuck, I have to play with my brother in the room… and he talks to me – you have no brother, therefore you have an unfair advantage…)

    If you disagree with me, then let's fucking cast up and let the world decide this one :) I cant imagine that you would though.

  31. @Ryan: I agree with you that we need to do an epic podcast. However, I don’t need justification from the world, as I am right. Email me about when you want to podcast.

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