VPR Cast#101: “Lord Spades”

Welcome to our 101st mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! This cast is joined by the the man some believe to be the sharpest tool in the Darkfall toolshed. He’s the man whose vent everybody wants to join, and the leader of Covert Operations Force. Welcome the Squire who’s on Fire – Spades911!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this ear melting mmo podcast:
 2:43:04 of Lord Spades delivering the truth!
 Age and favorite mmo.
 Darkfall Online: Review the latest 4 dfo2 questions answered by the devs.
 Darkfall Online: Battle tactics, and notable battle commanders.
 Darkfall Online: Some past politics and reminiscing.
 Darkfall Online: Misc Darkfall discussions.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.

73 thoughts on “VPR Cast#101: “Lord Spades””

  1. @Yak: you mother fucker :) ! Okay, will have to get back to you. Maybe we get you and IHM at the same time. Seems we all have a slightly diff perspective.

  2. @Ryan: I could be up for doing another Cry Cast, with you me and Coolit. Trust me IHM has nothing to offer to anyone. I refuse to do a podcast with someone who is fake douche bag and just trolls to be cool. If all someone does is try to attack you personally because they don’t like what you have to say is week. No, we need to do a Ryan VS. Yak podcast! LOL

  3. @Ryan: LOL, correct sir! Please email me only if you are interested in doing a cast with you and me. If you want me, you and coolit. That’s fine as well. If you are wanting a different opinion, then maybe you want both me and Gespenst to be guests on your show. He doesn’t always agree with me, speaks his mind and keeps me in check. That’s why he makes such a great co-host. Just let me know and I can bribe him with some hot pockets. LOL

  4. @Yak: I have roughly 3 casts in the hopper right now (IHM being one of them), so if you wont hate me b/c you and I will have to be pushed out, then let the love flow!

  5. Wow, no love for the early or mid game in the interview. No real established mention of TheMercs, Black Shields, ARSNL, or brutaL. Was still a good listen, I’d like to hear more shit like this.

  6. @Warin, Rhade, Jess, Madalena, Agung, Spool Lyger – DUDES, your comments were caught by spam (just noticed as I was going through the spam collection). Hopefully that will not happen to you again in the future should you choose to post.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. @Spool – You’re right! Was going to cast last Friday, but was sick. Tonight, I’m scheduled to cast with the Itwas Luck!

    @Jess – RE looting: I just dont see it as cheating, unless I’m cheating CARPAL TUNNEL from taking hold on me. Prior to me using my loot macro, I was in pain. While I appreciate the concept in general, I think that if AV really took time to consider the potential real world physical downsides of their system, they would update looting to a different method… SUCH as the one I use. My looting is one for one. You can still jump me, as I still must target each item that I want to collect and my attention is 100% engaged on the tombstone.

    As far as what I’m doing being labeled as cheating, how is that right? Isn’t cheating when you break a rule set and have an unfair advantage? I posted my loot code for all to use on this site, partially to counter such spurious claims, but mostly to help those who might be suffering similar ill affect of the system as I have/had. I have no advantage, and I make no secret about what I do and why I do it. One last point… you note that, “there’s a reason it’s disallowed”. Is it disallowed? Just because it’s not built into the game doesn’t mean it’s “disallowed”, does it?

    Barring altering the client, packets, or hacking the server – it’s likely not cheating. I think this word is too often quickly employed by certain player types, for a wide variety of reasons. IF you truly believe I’m mistaken, then you and I ought to do a CHEAT cast and discuss this issue. Would be fun!

  8. Nice… I enjoyed the interview. Spades truly was often hired by us in the past, and he did good work. Can’t say I was inactive, though, until the fall of Hyperion – the nature of the position I held necessitates most time to be spent out of game hopping vent servers. Very little time to log in.

    I will, however, see you all in DF UW.

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