VPR Cast#100: “Lord BattleSmurf”

Welcome to our 100th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Today we are joined by a real thug and a weekend gangsta. Some of you know him as the guy who raped you last Friday night, others as “that douche bag”… it is now your good fortune to apprentice your ears for the duration of this cast to Lord Battle Smurf!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this ear-busting mmo podcast:
 4:31:35 of Lord BattleSmurf rocking your lobes!
 Answers on LBS and his gayness.
 Darkfall Online: Enyx duel.
 Darkfall Online: 5v5 tournament.
 Darkfall Online: Who is the best of the best?
 Darkfall Online: Jedi Mind trick’s vid
 Darkfall Online: Is there a lack of PVP? (fyi, “no”)
 Darkfall Online: Crucial spells to become above average in DFO pvp.
 Darkfall Online: Settings and macros are required to be top tier.
 Darkfall Online: Darkfall 2.0
 MISC/Background: ~1 hour of gaming background, which includes a large segment on LBS’s EVE experience. This occurs at roughly 1:50 – 2:40.

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.

27 thoughts on “VPR Cast#100: “Lord BattleSmurf””

  1. Excellent Cast!
    Keep up the good work!

    Finally you guys went deeper into DF at the end. But it was a fun cast alltogether. Thanks to both of you.

    Please get Itwasluck and other vets on as well =)

  2. @Professer: I think this is the dude LBS was referring to: http://www.youtube.com/user/garmon123456

    6’1″ @ 150 lbs is def light (and you at 130?!). I’m 6’2″ 233lbs (fat), and would be looking good at 200lbs (not fat). So 130 sounds nuts to me! Do you eat?

    RE your back – damn dude! Sitting on the comp too long can definitely have adverse effects on your back… I’ve seen it in multiple individuals. You are “too young” for this shit. Wishing you well, bro!

    @Coolit: thanks! Even you were in my spam box… wonder what’s up.

  3. Professor

    When you sit:

    For your back:
    Lie down on your back, and put your legs up on a chair. So you have 90degrees angle on your legs (backside of your knees = 90deg angle) (as they are on the chair and you are on the ground)

    Lie down 20 min and allow your back to rearrange itself.

    The surface should be hard, but on a blanket. The surface must NOT be cold. This is important, it must not be cold. That is bad for your back.

    Good luck

    Ryan: Get them to talk more indepth about DF :) Smurf was very generous with information about DF when you asked him. He wasnt like some people keeping secrets for an edge. 4.5 hour cast, and 20 min about darkfall. Would be awsome if you could direct the flow to be 3.5 hours about darkfall and 30 min to get people just to feel comfortable =)

    Keep up the good work

  4. cool edits you did there 😉

    My back should be better soon it’s just a matter of doing some physical therapy and kratom extrats to keep me goin. I’ll look into that technique, ray ray thanks.

  5. @Ryan I think that I am getting toward the end of this epic 4+ hour cast. First off I love Lord BattleSmurf. I am so relate to his personality. I have been kicked from groups and had people hate on me because I speak my mind as well. In my next podcast, I am going to address from an outsider non fanboy perspective why your average gamer doesn’t plat DFO. What they will need to change in DFO 2 if they want the game to be susscessfull! Keep up the good work man.

  6. @Smurf First of all, I didn’t grind anymore than all the guys that I played with. Comparing to a casual player, I’m sure I grinded more. Mostly I just grinded smarter. I got all my field aoe’s surging farming in the middle dungeon thain room.

    Jonah always denied hacking in public. Something most people don’t know, but he’s the person who showed me his hacks and convinced me to give it a try (at that point in the game a ton of people were using them and I was already annoyed dealing with the crap). So, I made a poor decision and used them. But when I xferred to NA, I never hacked. And, I was always straight up with everyone about my history even though I wasn’t proud of it.

    I also never played Jonah’s game and tried to go after him publicly airing his dirty laundry. Wasn’t worth my time, it’s a video game. The time I have to play games in my free time I want to spend time *playing* them, not talking shit to random people on the internet. :) Thus, he talked enough about me that people started to believe it. To anyone who reads the forums, I’m sure they’ve heard some of the craziest things ever (in gaming) that I’m accused of. :p

  7. @ryan ya man, that’s DF for you. But meh, we talked about this before lol :).

    Overall a good cast with LBS! Keep up the good work Ryan

  8. Oh btw Ryan, I checked that thread out briefly… why does everyone on the DF forums give you crap about who you interview, how you do it, etc etc. Makes me want to slap these nerds =P

  9. New checklist for Ryan before he hits record:

    Have I taken a shit today? If yes then hit record if no then go take a shit

    Have I drank lots of water today? If yes then go take a piss, if no then hit record

    LOL! Just ragging on you man but this is a great cast with lots of cool discussion. He was pretty spot on with Eve despite not really playing the game recently and he hits some nice highlight to why so many actually play it and stick with it.

    But keep in mind that you should not approach eve with the mindset of “Im going to skill up for a capital ship”. It is more of “Im going to fly frigates well and wreck shit in low sec” A few weeks later you are having fun and doing well and then it is “Im going to fly an intercepter well and play hero tackle for my gang” Then a few weeks later your doing that and your buddies love your tackling. Then it is “I want to fly a battlecruiser! so I can do some level 3 missions and pvp in larger gangs as the primary dps” etc etc etc. You can be surprisingly effective in eve very quickly in whatever part of the sandbox you decide to tackle. Yet it is complex and deep enough to give you new goals and new rewards years down the line. You get bored with Darkfall then let me know. We got a new corp in factional warfare that is easy to hop into the game quick with pvp and support yourself with enough isk.

    Big thanks to Lord Battle Smurf for some cool tips with darkfall too. Think Im pretty doomed to fail in that game with my shitty mass, shitty mouse pad, shitty macros, and non gaming laptop! Still fun though.

  10. @Apoc/Coolit: yeah, funny. Love those guys. After Spades, ItWas Luck agreed to cast, then I’ll hit up some of the other dudes people have requested. Will be hilarious if I get Oakgrim on there, AND still have complaints :) (unless he’s controversial and I’m not aware of it).

    @Yak: will have to check that out!

  11. I forgot to add, that one of the Spice Girls (Baby Bud) is also wiling to join a cast.

    @Coolit: Baby Bud was one of the Spice Girls we were fighting when it was like 3 of them against ~20 of us.

  12. @Ryan Hopefully, you will see the other side of the looking glass. It just kills me why you guys don’t understand why the mainstream won’t play DFO. Hopefully, from an outsiders perspective you will. It’s why I had to rant, damn you! LOL

  13. @Nateryl: Yeah, hearing what LBS had to say about Eve interested me, but I’m not sure I’m ready to give it a go. If I do, I’ll definitely hit you up.

    RE wiz breaks: the thing is I start off with 3-4 pints of water, a cup of coffee, and sometimes an alcoholic beverage as well. I figure that this gives the guest time to speak unfettered. So far nobody has much to say in the dead space… so blame them, not me! :) haha!

  14. @Yak: I think what he means by regular cast is a game otrenied cast or a darkfall otrenied cast. I belive that some on here, including myself, sometimes forget that this site isnt made solely for Darkfall, but for MMOs in general. Plus content Ryan and yourself feel the need to discuss or put out. The reason we forget or atleast I forget sometimes is because of the fact that Ryan plays darkfall, hence why alot of discussions and guests have come from darkfall. Personally I really enjoy the Darkfall discussions and would love for this site to become Darkfall Smacktalk :p Though I know that alot of people on here dont play DFO so I think the balance of MMO discussion at the moment is great.My point is, when you have these mmo/darkfall casts, with the occasional guest, which is basicly what we are used to and expect as listeners. Then suddenly coming with a book from Sun Tzu, kind of throws us off, atleast me. I can see your trying to keep us entertained by linking or comparing Sun Tzu’s literature to your experiences with MMOs, but its just not coming across. I would rather listen to Ryan and you, talk about Darkfall/DDO/other MMOs or a cast from an ingame perspective, where you guys actually play, and at the same time discuss it, maybe even a video to compliment it, like when you tried DFO Yak.So im gonna have to agree with Widund3r, I would also prefer the more MMO otrenied casts, which I believe is the regular cast that he means. I listened to the whole cast, and what mainly kept me listening was the MMO talk of the cast. I could do without the book, though I might read it at some point. I will say, I cant speak for everyone here, these are just my assumptions and opinions. I do believe there are some people here who enjoys this alot. So dont stop because of me. H.Slayer

  15. @ray ray: All good points. I know what you mean RE Rift and twctih. Even though I bag on those types of games, I do realize that there are definitely different layers of player skill; however, after having experienced DFO, I realize that the point-click-unload games abstract out some of the player skill insert addons into the mix, and the abstraction becomes more vague (ie people lose site of what is skill vs planning, vs addons vs macros). And then of course the visceral feel of DFO in pvp is huge.I would also like to add, in regards to your statement on dfo and setting up your macros, that I whole heartedly agree, and favor the idea that the devs ought to level the playing field by converting commonly macroed tasks into features. And for anybody that would misinterpret this as pro-dumbing down the game, you’re grossly mistaken. I like complexity, but we have to question should their really be such a large disparity between those who are more technical outside of the game than within (perhaps so but I’m not sure of that). One example that I have brought up before is my loot macro. I can quickly pick up, on a one to one basis, items on a grave like nobody’s business, whereas the non macro player is doing a lot of drag and drop (something I refuse to do because of carpal tunnel symptoms that seem to surface from that sort of repetition). So I would like it if DFO would implement a click loot system. Where you can (via some combo of buttons) click to loot, versus dragging each individual item.

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