VPR Cast#98: “Val Roth”

Welcome to our 98th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Today your ears are privileged to soak in the wise words and domineering eloquence of Captain, and Commander, Val Roth.

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this mmo podcast – ear festival:
 2:46:xx of Val Roth and Darkfall
 Darkfall Online: Val Roth videos – best dfo tutorial vids anywhere.
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  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.

14 thoughts on “VPR Cast#98: “Val Roth””

  1. Yeah, that’s forumfall for you.

    I should be able to listen to the cast over the next couple days. I’m making sure to not be busy this weekend so I can finally play some DF somenight.

  2. Damn. Listening to the cast and checking out the forum thread… I’m being hit with a wave of darkfall nostalgia, and all the other pvp games I was into before that. Damn you, nostalgia!

  3. About DF1 being a big test:

    Haven’t we known this for a while? I have. Maybe for even a year now… in reality it was just a seperate project they released as a experiment and were developing the ‘real’ game DF 2.0 alongside DF1 the whole time.

    You guys didn’t know about this? They told us about it when they first started giving out some details about DF2.0

    Gives you some insight to all the bullshit we’ve put up with through the years.

  4. @Professer: My recollection RE DFO 2.0 was that first it was a series of mega patches entitled “Darkfall 2011”, then they mentioned that due to coding changes and what not that it would now be DFO 2.0. Until recently I never heard that DFO was just a testbed for a future iteration of the game.

  5. @Ryan: What is known as DF 2.0 now started out as DF 2010. It was to a major patch to the game but constantly got delayed and yes eventually became DF 2011 before finally DF 2.0. I believe AV ran into so many problems coding the game under it’s current build that it was decided they had to rewrite the whole damn game… thus the TWO year delay and the shit storm that is. The only bothersome part is the “Soon” they kept spoon feeding us while for the longest time they knew DF 1.0 was no longer their focus for updates.

  6. @Ryan, I am behind I know. I am listening now to your cast 99 and then will listen to the one after that. I am most likely going to do an audio response. It angers me to no end why people who are hard core players, don’t understand why your average MMO player isn’t going to like the game. I enjoyed the shit out of the show BTW. Also, I find it amusing as hell that none of your guests are still playing DFO and I will address that as well. More to come!

  7. @Yak: Looking forward to the audio response. Just keep in mind that some of these players who arent playing anymore were playing 24-7 for 2-4 years… but literally almost 24-7.

  8. @Ryan: It’s just too much for me to type. LOL I have to go into the office this week. I so want to make it. I am listening to the Lord Smurf cast and joying him!

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