VPR Cast#97: “Waterfight”

Welcome to our 97th mmo podcast at mmoSmacktalk.com! Apoc rejoins me for an interlocution on Darkfall, peppered with reminiscences of old UO. At the conclusion of this epic aural odyssey Apoc talks auditory equipment. Don’t cheat yourself, listen to it now!

DISCLAIMER: This cast may induce nausea, vomiting, and prolonged erections. Listener discretion is advised.

About this ear melting mmo podcast:
 Almost 3 hours of sublime mmo commentary.
 Darkfall Online: the latest promo, diversity of dfo combat (solo, duo, etc), sewerfall, some basic darfkall tips.
 Yak, don’t be a pussy, play Darkfall.
 I can’t let the MO $30 price go.
 Light thoughts on the free to play model in general (touch on Dota 2).
 Audio and XSplit (check out Apoc’s guide)

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Game Discussion and Analysis:

  • Darkfall Online (DFO): open pvp, full loot, loads of asses to kick.

35 thoughts on “VPR Cast#97: “Waterfight””

  1. @Coolit: yeah, haha! I was definitely trying to tally one up for my side there. Thought about that later. haha!

  2. Ya Ryan was so pushy about my opinion on Mortal Online and how I felt emotionally about it that I almost just ended our Skype call right there. Not cool Ryan.

  3. @Yak: you didnt give the last show a chance, just like Darkfall. Going to fly down to Tejas and deliver you a beating.

    @Apoc: you really should have.

  4. @Ryan: Thank you for returning back to your normal podcast. Apoc is a god and I enjoyed the shit out of listing to him! You are once again my favorite podcast.

    @Apoc: You are a god! I value your opinions and how you are very objective and not negative on everything. You are also very honorable dude and I would love to game with you some time!

  5. @IHM: yeah, he is well hated 😀 haha!

    @Yak: you are very kind. Will have to get you and Miguelito on a cast sometime.

  6. omg when you said “I am swinging on your nuts I laughed so hard I gave myself a head ache. Apoc sounds like a pretty cool guy and people take gaming far to seriously at times but the serious bizness people are there to be laughed at in most games. Still nursing a cold but listening to this cast is picking me up.

  7. @Ryan I know you say that I am kind but it’s the truth. I love ether when you go solo or have a guest. You are also a great interviewer. I am not blowing smoke man, I mean it god damn it!

  8. @Ryan: I think too to keep all of us hungry you need to do a Smack Attack. Basically your version of a Yak Attack! The only thing I miss when you have guests, is your ranting! I think that I’d rather see how long I can hold my breath with some one farting on my face, then do a cast with IHateMMOS.

  9. @Yak: Might be awhile before I run an angry monologue. We’ll have to see what DFO2 is like.

    So you want to cast with IHM?

  10. @Yak: I’d hate for you to fervently disagree with me and then pass off my opinions as your own weeks later…

    I get it though. Fear is a very human emotion.

    @Ryan: When are we going to do another 100% off topic podcast? Everyone seemed to enjoy that..

  11. @Ryan I’m just giving you shit bro, I didn’t mind at all. But you definitely had an agenda against MO to the point you wanted to make it heard! lol

    @IhateMMOs Oh ya, it’s serious business to them.

    @Kalari Happy you liked. Ryan is a great interviewer so credit to him.

    Btw trying to get Ryan to do a cast with Val Roth. Just trying to get their schedules to align atm.

  12. good cast as always

    I hope we can get some group pvp action goin on this weekend. Last weekend was uneventful (woot, killing harvesters and afkers).

  13. @Apoc: yeah, looking forward to talking to the mighty Vel Roth!

    @Professer: We need to cap some village control points! Should be pvp and $$$!

  14. “why arent people sitll playing UO second age?” – ryan

    because trammel killed the game. Took away open world pvp and made a second ‘chaos’ (or whatever) instance of the world for the pvp to take place in. Basically, EA and greed ruined it over time.

  15. @ryan: saturday and sunday night pvp! It’s the only two times of the week I Can play man — and only till my month runs out

  16. @ryan dude bf2142 was the shit, it wasnt just a reskin

    the weapons were way cooler and the titan game mode was one of the best modes in the Bf series if you ask me. Was much more than just a reskin, they just were on the same engine.

  17. @professer:
    – RE UO, I THOUGHT that UOSECONDAGE.com was a pre-trammel version of UO available now… if that’s true, and everybody is still hardcore UO, then where are they?

    – RE SAT/SUN pvp, I planned to play last night, but ended up hanging with children til 11pm (later than usual), then went to bed. Was tired for some reason. WOULD totally be on tonight, but recording a cast with Commander Val Roth.

    – RE BF2142, damn… sounds like I did miss out. Is there still much of a following?

    – RE YOU and DFO, so you going to quit after this month?! you better at least let me win a duel first.

  18. Second age has a higher active population than Darkfall, but if you combined all the classic servers it would be closer to 10x

  19. @IHM: I say again, and more strongly this time – not sure your tone works for me… son.

    Tone (literature), a literary technique which encompasses the attitudes toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a literary work that is compatible with the other drive

    Tonight we duel, and I loot all of you. Professer may have the scraps.

  20. @Ryan: In a literary sense, tone is the author’s intent, and mood is the reader’s interpretation… or something. I’ll probably pop in to grab med money, but like the magpie I am easily distracted by shiny new prospects.

  21. “@professer:
    – RE UO, I THOUGHT that UOSECONDAGE.com was a pre-trammel version of UO available now… if that’s true, and everybody is still hardcore UO, then where are they?”

    My bad. I thought second age was one of EA’s numerous attempts to revive/revise the game. I’m pretty sure that is a oldschool UO server.

  22. And yeah I won’t really be playing after this month. Though I haven’t really gotten the chance to play with you guys much yet so I might go ahead and give it another month. I can only play on weekend nights for now, so we’ll have some duels/pvp’s eventually.

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